Monday, December 3, 2012

BlacChyna Coming Out With Her Own Eyelash Line!

As a Makeup Artist, we know how important eyelashes are for our clients! Eyelashes are a staple in our kits and now we can expand our collection!  The beautiful model, video vixen and new mommy BlacChyna , announced today on Instagram that she is coming out with her own eyelash line! (photos from instagram: blacchyna)

Ladies love their eyelashes because of how it enhances their face! So Chyna is tapping into the beauty industry and will be serving up her big bold style of eyelashes! Her lashes are always on point and gives that baby-doll eye look that we all love! So ladies if you have been wanting to get the Chyna-esque lashes,  I'm sure she will give you what you need when her lash line comes out! I know she will keep us posted on her website at as well as on instagram! Can't wait to try them out on my clients! 


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