Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Look Good Without Makeup This Summer!

Summer is here! It's hot, you get sweaty, and all you want to do is run to the pool and take a dip to cool off! You don't want to put on a full face of makeup because it may run because of sweat and simply look bad after being out in the hot sun all day.  Or you just may not feel like it since it may be too hot for all that!! Well here are some helpful tips that will help you look beautiful without wearing makeup! (harpersbazaar)

Brows! The brows are super important because they frame your face! Here are my favorite tweezers, Tweezerman Slant Tweezer!

Exfoliate your skin! Get rid of that dead skin to make your face look refreshed Try Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator!! 

Brushing a little bit of Vaseline on your eyelashes will make your lashes look a little more full and they will stand out more because of the glossiness! 
Something that will definitely brighten up your face are your eyes! Keep the white of your eyes clear with Visine!

Moisturize your skin with Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30! It hydrates and protects your skin with suncreen all at the same time! 

Last but not least, gotta take care of those pearly whites!! Try Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects White Strips

There you have it! All of these are super easy ways to look fresh-faced and naturally beautiful during this hot summer season! Now go have some fun in the sun! 

Want to Eat Luxuriously? Try the Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker!

Oh the joys of fashion and how it crosses over into everything including the culinary world! So when I came across this Louis Vuitton Waffle maker, created by Andrew Lewicki, of course I had to share this with you all! 

Now how about this as a fashionable culinary contraption? Imagine yourself, waking up, nice warm robe, coffee brewing as the sun shines in, and you sit down to eat luxurious Louis Vuitton Monogram waffles! Can you imagine how tasty those waffles would be?  This would be a great gift for the LV lovers and fashion lovers! I think I will get one for myself! Will you be getting one? (huffington post)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Get the Look! Melanie Fiona's Color Blocking Outfit at Russell Simmon's "Art for Life" Gala!

Color blocking is still a trend! Yesss!! And the lovely Melanie Fiona worked it out at Russell Simmon's "Art for Life" Gala in New York! 

Get the look:

Adam Lippes Deep Hot Pink Blouse $58.50

ASOS Skinny Jeans in Aqua $46.40

ASOS Metal Frame Clutch Bag $29.83

Lazcano Peep Toe Pump by Aldo $80

There you have it!! Super easy to recreate!! Perfect colors for the summer and very fashionable!! Work it ladies!! 

Beauty Bazaar Opening in Liverpool!

Ever thought of a place where you are surrounded by all things beauty? A place where you can buy makeup, get a tan, and get your brows and nails done all in one spot? Well this fall, Harvey Nichols, is opening a Beauty Bazaar concept store in Liverpool ONE Shopping Center  in the UK!!! How exciting! 

This Beauty Bazaar will feature a plethora of makeup, skincare and fragrance offerings from major beauty retailers such as NARS, MAC, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Tom Ford and many others! There will also be a hair lounge, a Blink Brow Bar,  a lash and nail bar, and a place where you can get a spray tan and a wax.  And if you want to relax while you take a break while shopping in this beauty wonderland,  there will be a bar where you can get a drink and just chill. 

Sounds so beautiful don't you agree?!

I'm going to cross my fingers and toes and pray this Beauty Bazaar comes to the U.S! (California to be exact:)

What an amazing idea for us beauty fanatics everywhere! So what we may have to travel to the U.K. just to experience this awesomeness! But I am sure it would be worth it! Beauty Bazaar, yay! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Super Cool Find for Makeup Artists: Paw Palettes!!

So as I did my usual web browsing, searching for all things related to beauty to share with you all, I came across a really cool tool for Makeup Artists! It is called the "Paw Palette"!

Aren't these palettes cute! I love the lips, cupcake and ribbon design! The prices range from $15-$20.
Shop these palettes here at www.crystalpowder.com.

These are convenient  palettes that you put on your wrist while you're doing makeup. You don't have to go back and forth to your table where you're products are set up and you will not have to hold your palette in your hand. It's a great and convenient tool to have. It was created by a working Makeup Artist so I am sure it's a great tool to have!

Beauty News: OCC Liptars will be sold in Sephora in September, Vanessa Williams Launches Skincare Line, and TopShop Will Be Sold in Nordstrom!

Yay!!! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Liptars are my fave!! All it takes is a little dot of the liptar and it will be just enough to cover your pretty pout! And starting on September 17th, Sephora stores will be selling the liptars!!! Yippeeeeee!!! No more ordering online to get them, unless you want. You can stop by Sephora and choose from their 42 color liptars and choose whichever colors you like! (wwd)
OCC's Top 5 Liptars: Hush, Memento, Strumpet, NSFW, and Anime

The beautiful, ageless Vanessa Williams is launching a skincare line. Everyone wants to know her secret of nice skin and her skincare regimen. On August 3rd she will share her secrets and sell her product, ReVitalistic Skincare, on QVC so the world can have access to her skin success!(wwd)
Watch QVC on Aug.3rd for the Launch of ReVitalistic Skincare

I love TopShop! Their clothes are super fashionable, affordable and trendy! But you can only shop online. But starting on September 10th, you can purchase TopShop clothing in Nordstrom Stores. I can't wait!!! (wwd)
TopShop Mannequins

Will.I.Am and Swizz Beatz Spotted Wearing Fedora Hat, Cool Shades With Fly Sneakers!!

Lately the guys have been rocking a fashionable trend, fedora hats with fly sneakers. Will.I.Am and Swizz Beats  have all been spotted sporting this look. (upscalehype)

Swizz Beats wearing Christian Dior BlacKtie 143S Sunglasses $265 and Reebok Pump Snakeskin Sneakers (not released yet)  

Will. I. Am wearing Ksubi Omicron Sunglasses $190  and Christian Louboutin Roller Boat Flat Sneaker $1095 
I am loving their swag!!! Looking good fellas!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remember Ciate Caviar Nails? Well They Are Launching Velvet Manicures!

Ever since the release of the popular Ciate Caviar Nail Polish this year, everyone is rocking this fancy shmancy Caviar Polish! It is lovely by the way.  Ciate Nails is coming out with another incredible nailpolish. They are launching a velvet manicure!!

There will be 3 kits available,  Berry Poncho (deep purple),  Mink Cashmere (light gray), and Blue Suede (dark blue). It will be launching at the end of July 2012. Visit Ciate Nails website to stay updated on the release of their new velvet manicure!

I love how nail art is becoming so innovative nowadays and Ciate Nails keeps coming up with clever ways to keep our nails beautiful!  I can't wait to get my velvet manicure kit!!

YSL Launches a Facebook Inspired Eyeshadow Palette!

For all of you Facebook and makeup fanatics, YSL has something for you!

YSL has been inspired by social networking, specifically Facebook, and designed a palette called "Pure Chromatics Devoted to Fans". The Palette includes 4 colors inspired by Facebook, "Facebook blue,violet, white and black. (huffingtonpost)

It will only be available to purchase via YSL's Official Facebook's Page beginning July 19th. Now you can show your love for Facebook on your eyes thanks to YSL!! So will you be getting yours??

Monday, July 16, 2012

Try This!: Pair Up Electric Blue With Neon Yellow!

Summer is here and it is time to bring out the neon colors and work it!!! Just like Naya Rivera did at Comic-Con!! (rcfa)

Isn't this look super freaking cute?! I just love the whole outfit! Her crop top is by Razan Alazzouni, her high waist electric blue pencil skirt is H&M, and her gorgeous neon pumps are by Giuseppe Zanotti.

The outfit is super sleek and minimal, but the shoes set it off and make the whole outfit pop! I love the whole color combination. This look and these colors are perfect for the summer so you should try it! I'm sure you will love it!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun Times at the Grand Opening of the Mulberry Store Event in San Francisco!!!

On June 27th, I attended the invite-only grand opening of the Luxury European Brand store, Mulberry, in San Francisco hosted by Vogue Magazine. It was a really nice event!
I'm dressed and ready to go!! Dress: Kardashian Kollection Solicia Dress, Pumps by Steve Madden, Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo, Chunky Link Charm Necklace by Juicy Couture, Earrings by Forever 21

There were so many people waiting in line to get in!! I have never seen so many red bottoms all in one place before!

Mulberry's signature gold luggage balloon in the window displays.

It was a packed house!!
They had a catering company serving lobster, shrimp,and clams on a half shell all night long. And a free flowing bar.
There was even a DJ there making sure everyone had a good time and got their groove on at the grand opening!

Their products are so nice, luxurious and sophisticated! There was even a raffle where they gave away 3 of their handbags to 3 lucky winners. I didn't win:( Geez. But it was still fun to see the winners reactions when they found out they won!

Beautiful Wall Art Inside the Store

They gave all the invitees a super cute Mulberry bag that included their Autumn 2012 Catalogue and some gold stickers.

 I really enjoyed myself at this event. I networked with other bloggers and people in the beauty and fashion industry. Thank you Mulberry for inviting me to this amazing event!!