Thursday, September 27, 2012

Azealia Banks Emerald Green Hair!! I Love!!

I really love how the beautiful Azealia Banks is so unafraid when it comes to color and trying new things when it comes to her looks and fashion.  And I am especially loving her new emerald green hair that she revealed at the Thierry Mugler show at Paris Fashion Week! ! OMG, when I saw this I said,  "Girl you betta work!"  Check out her new emerald green hair! (justjared)

Isn't this color gorgeous!! It compliments her skin perfectly!! Sort of reminds me of a beautiful mermaid with long gorgeous green locs!  This hair is beautiful and the emerald green is such a beautiful, rich and royal color. I love everything about it! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ciate's Sequined Manicure!!

Ciate is changing the game when it comes to nails! They are definitely innovators and it is amazing the ideas they come up with for nail design! First it was the highly popular Ciate Caviar Nails that everyone went crazy for and still are.  Then it was the Ciate Velvet Manicures that were popular as well and people are atill loving that collection as well! So now, they are taking it up another notch and will be launching  another fabulous collection called (drumroll please)....


Oh yes!!! They went there!  It comes with the sequin in a small container and the sequin glitter grip polish. This is such an amazing idea for nailpolish!  It is definitely an eye catching manicure! Imagine all the possibilities you can do with the sequin manicure.  It will be available in October so make sure you visit their website here to purchase yours Sequin Manicure! I am soooooo excited!! Yay for Ciate!

Deborah Lippmann Lip and Nail Duo!

I love Deborah Lippmann's nailpolish and lip products! The colors are very rich and last a really long time! So I was excited to find she created lip and nail duos new for this season! 

My Touch My Kiss Lip and Nail Duets. I'M EVERY WOMAN Nude/Mauve Lipstick and  NAKED clean/beige nail lacquer $38

Love Notes. LET'S DO IT Pomegranate Red Lipstick and MY OLD FLAME classic red lacquer $38

These are 2 very classic colors that will never go out of style no matter the season.  Nailpolish and lipstick are 2 very important things for us ladies! And to get 1 of each with these duos from Deborah Lippman is definitely a winning combination!! Love these duos!! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeremy Scott TV Sunglasses! Would You Rock These?

I love how Jeremy Scott always thinks outside the box when it comes to fashion! His eclectic style is so necessary for the direction style and fashion is heading towards! And we all know that sunglassses are an essential piece to our outfits most of the time! Leave it up to Jeremy Scott to take eyewear up a notch and brings some fun to fashion!! Check out his TV eyeglasses!!
TV Sunglasses $269. Check out the detail, the TV knobs and the little antenna on top of one the frames.

These TV sunglasses come in black as well. These shades are reminiscent of the old school Run DMC glasses but taken up a notch! These are definitely hot and so very Jeremy Scott-esque!! I love them!! Would you rock these?

Zoya Limited Edition Gold Flake Topcoat Nailpolish Trio!

Nailpolish is evolving and getting more creative everyday!! Nailpolish designers are adding a high end twist to up the amp on their nails!  A little while ago I posted about the $250,000 Azature black diamond nailpolish and the OPI James Bond 18K Gold Nailpolish with real gold leaf for $38! Nails/nailpolish are starting to play a major role in fashion!! Zoya has jumped on the luxurious nailpolish bandwagon and they now have a nailpolish with gold leaf!
They have a new limited edition nailpolish called Guilty Pleasures with Real 18K Gold Leaf Topcoat Trio for $30!
There are 2 colors besides the 18K Goldleaf which is Purity and Raven! Or you can wear it alone. I love the way it looks! 
Zoya also offers a wide range of colors that also look great under the gold leaf topcoat!

This trio is not available yet but you can pre-order it so it can ship October 15th.  This will be a great gift and perfect for this season as well as the upcoming holidays!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian Simple Chic Style at the Airport!

Kim Kardashian was spotted early this morning at the airport as she looked effortlessly chic!! She sported a loose fitting black tanktop with a hot pair of black and white pants! Her fabulous open toe heels added some extra flair to her very comfy airport gear!

I love everything about this outfit! She shows you can travel comfortably yet still be fashionable! Kim looked great! I love it!

Must Have Nail Trends from NY Fashion Week!!

New York Fashion Week is over but we are still lusting over the fabulous fashions! The nail art didn't go unnoticed either.  The nails were a work of art on their own!  Check out these must have super hot nail designs straight from the runway from NY Fashion Week!! (glamour)
The super popular Ciate Caviar nails spotted at the Joy Cioci show. I love the elegance of this design!

Colr block style nails spotted at the Veda show.  You can up the amp on your nails by adding a glossy black stripe to them!
These nails were spotted at the Angel Sanchez show.  I love the matte pink shade over the lighter pink.  It's a subtle look yet it makes a bold statement.
Glitter dipped nails at the Behnaz Sarafpour show.  Very easy to recreate, feminine and pretty!

The diagonal pop of color nails spotted at the Lauren Moffatt show! I love how this diagonal color adds a little attitude to the nails!
Deborah Lippman did this beautiful Gingham print for the Kate spade show.  Absolutely amazing!
A stripe of chrome was the nail design at the Prabal Gurung show.That chrome stripe is hott!! 
The latticework nail art was spotted at the Rodarte show! Intricately done, sofy colors, very sophisticated!


Tamar Braxton and Angela Simmons' Beautiful Dresses! Get the Looks!

This week, Tamar Braxton and Angela Simmons wore beautiful dresses!! These dresses are fashionable, sexy and affordable! Two totally different styles that are gorgeous and won't break the bank! Check out these fashionable ensembles and get the look!

Tamar was photo'd leaving Good Day New York looking fabulous! She rocked a gorgeous rabbit print $178 Ekineyo dress that hugged all of her curves!  I love the white stripe accent down the side of the dress and around the shoulders!  She completed the look with her 5'7 inch YSL Patent Leather Tribtoo Pumps!
If you love this dress, click here to get it!
Angela Simmons partied it up in Miami for her birthday wearing a nude $120 Transformer Dress by Von Vonni.  This dress has Miami written all over it! It is a simple yet beautiful dress, very lightweight and you can get creative with the straps on the dress which is cool too.  She completed her look with Giuseppe Zanotti sandle pumps!
If you love this dress, click here to get it!!
These ladies looked fab as usual and I love how their dresses are high fashion without the high fashion price!! Work it girls!!

My Interview With Celebrity Hairstylist Angela C Styles from WeTV's LA Hair!!

We all know Angela from the hit TV show L.A. Hair on weTV! She is the amazingly talented celebrity hair stylist who is determined to go all the way to the top!! I knew that with her working side by side with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kim Kimble, she was definitely a girl with undeniable skills! Angela was so kind to talk to me and give me her input on hair, how she got started in the industry and what's next in her career as a celebrity hair stylist! Meet Angela C Styles!!!

Me: How long have you been doing hair? When did you know you wanted to be a hairstylist?
Angela: Ive been a licensed stylist for 6 years. I've always had an affinity for hair and after my first year of college I decided to make it a career. Growing up braiding was always my side hustle and I loved "playing" in my relatives hair.

Me: How did you meet Kim Kimble and end up working in her shop? Are you still at her shop?
Angela: I met Kim Kimble through a normal interview process. After researching several salons before my transition I set my sights on her studio in West Hollywood. After making initial contact with the salon manager and going through several interviews, I met Kim. She hired me the next day.
Angela with Kim Kimble and the hairstylists of LA Hair
Me: Seems like everyone is getting sew-ins nowadays. In your opinion, what's the best kind of hair to use and why ?
Angela: Virgin hair is the best to use because its not processed which in turn will make the style last the longest and look the best. Also purchasing hair from a reputable company saves the client a lot of guess work. Hair that tangles, sheds, and breaks easily are clear indications of less than top quality Extensions. Texture is another important factor when purchasing hair. Try and find hair that resembles your natural texture as close as possible for the best blend.

Me: Do you specialize in one type of hair styling or do you do it all?? What are the top 3 tools you use in your kit?
Angela: I'd like to consider myself as a well rounded hairstylist. I specialize in extensions and haircuts but I do almost everything. Short, long, natural hair, color, updos etc. My top three tools would have to be needle and thread, my flat iron, and Aveda Control Paste.

Angela hooking someone's hair up!
Me: In your opinion what are some of the biggest mistakes women make when it cones to taking care of their hair?
Angela: People make all kinds of mistakes and the main ones are overusing product, or neglecting to use any at all. Mixing lots of products is also a common no no. Lastly trying to hold on to length is a common mistake. Hair grows faster and longer when trims become a regular routine.

Me: I watched the show and almost every episode I said to myself, I want Angela's hair!!! Your hair is always gorgeous! Who does your hair? Since you're a celebrity hairstylist, are you very particular about how you want your hair done? How do you decide on your current hairstyle?
Angela: Thank you for the high compliments. I style my own hair normally as I did for the show. I'm a Virgo hairstylist which means Im very picky, like to be in control, and take matters into my own hands. There aren't too many people who I trust to style my hair and to be honest I actually enjoy doing it myself, weaves and all.

Me: Your skills as a hairstylist are flawless! Do you have plans to open your own shop? If people want you to do their hair (like myself, lol) how can they book you?
Angela: Currently I have a private suite in West Hollywood where I take most clients when I'm not on location. I would like to expand my business and open a salon on my hometown Chicago soon. Clients can book me through my agency just email me at for more information.

Me: Who was the first celebrity you worked with? Do you ever get nervous doing a celebrity's hair?
Angela: Tina Knowles was the first celebrity I styled. I just did a basic shampoo blow out and style on her. I've never really been nervous to work with anyone because at the end of the day, we are all people who want and need the same things. I always look forward to meeting new people just to see their personality outside of the persona they may have.
Angela at a LA Hair Event in Chicago

Me: What's next for you as far as your career goes? Any events coming up? Are you doing hair for any special events?
Angela: I've been working a lot with two very talented new artists. Rita Ora and Melanie Amaro on their projects surrounding their upcoming albums. I have my hands full with that as well as my other clients. I will begin doing educational videos and attending some of the larger trade shows in the upcoming year as well.
2011 X Factor Winner Melanie Amaro, Hair By Angela

Jay-Z's artist Rita Ora at the 2012 VMAs, Hair by Angela
Me: Any advice for aspiring hairstylist trying to make it in the industry?
Angela: Find a way to keep yourself motivated and set yourself apart. Make every style picture perfect and concentrate on perfecting one thing before expanding on new skills. Educate yourself as much as possible an keep your eye on trend in the fashion industry. Lastly, present yourself and talents in a way that looks sellable. Stay polished and represent what you do. Make a resume and bio for yourself that's put together in a well articulated and concise manner, keep professional photos of your work and work history throughout your career.

Please be sure to stay connected with Angela on her rise to the top:
Twitter: AngelaCStyles
Instagram: angelacstyles
Angela is such a sweet person! She really gave us some helpful information and insight to her career! I know she has a very promising career doing hair and she is just getting started! Sending many thanks and love to Celebrity Hairstylist Angela C Styles!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fergie Launching a Color Line for Wet n Wild Cosmetics!

Fergie, the beautiful sultry soulful singer is such a multi talented person!  Her group, The Black Eyed Peas is an internationally known pop group, her solo album The Dutchess sold more than 7 million copies worldwide, she's part owner of the Miami Dolphins and partner with Voli Vodka.  She is a busy woman!  Now she has her hands in the beauty field! She will be launching a color line for Wet n Wild Cosmetics! How cool is that! 

Fergie's Wet n Wild Campaign Ad
The line will consist of 21 products and since it is for everyone of all colors and backgrounds, she has named some of the products for her fans! She said in an interview:

The For My Primas primer (“for my cousins” in Spanish) is inspired by her Hispanic fans, while Perfect Pout Lip Color shade, Bebot Love, is for “her Filipinos” and the Carnaval in Rio Shimmer palette is for her “Brazilian fans. I love the Shimmer Palette because it works on all different skin tones,” said Fergie, who counts Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren among her personal beauty inspirations. “Glowing skin is so important to me.” 
Fergie at her Wet n Wild Release Party
Some of her products from her line. 
Everyone who knows about Wet n Wild Cosmetics, knows that it is super affordable, sold at your local drug stores and the quality of it is really good!  I myself own a lot of their eyeshadows and I love the color payoff! The price will range from $3.99 to $5.99. Can't beat that!!  

I love how she teamed up with a cosmetic line that is easily accessible to everyone, doesn't require any special discount, won't break your pockets, great quality and a line that caters to all women of color! Congrats to you Fergie!And I can't wait to try this new line! 

"Get Your Life" by Tamar Braxton Apparel Available Now!

I am a huge fan of the very talented and larger than life Tamar Braxton!! Not only does she have a new show which premiered last night, Tamar and Vince, a beautiful voice, gorgeous hair and the best handbags, I absolutely love all of her sayings such as, "This is a!", "Oooh you went there!" and "Have several seats!"  Tamar Braxton has no problem telling you how she feels in the most illustrated way!  But the best saying of all is "Get Your Life!" A term that is universal and something we may have to tell others as well as ourselves. It even made it to the urban dictionary! (Yes really! Click here to see the official definition!) And now we can express this oh-so-necessary term fashionably thanks to Tamar!! She created "Get Your Life" apparel!!
She created a line of apparel with this term for both men and women! She has t-shirts, tank tops, sweat suits and hoodies in different colors.  You can get them with or without stones as well! Take a look at some of the "Get Your Life" gear!!
Get Your Life Tank Top
Tamar modeling a Get Your Life Sweatsuit

Men's Get Your Life T-Shirt
 She also offers shirts that say ".com" which is also the ending to some of her phrases as well!
Be sure to check out the website, and support her apparel line!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Leather Trend! Kim and Kanye Love Leather!! Will You Get With the Leather Trend This Season?

I absolutely love this Kim and Kanye as a couple! They clearly love fashion and in my opinion, they started a trend which is LEATHER!! Leather is definitely hot this season and Kim has just about every kind of clothing item in leather.  She looks great every way she has worn it, whether its casual or fancy! Kim shows us her different items in leather and how she rocks them! Go girl! 
All black leather everything! 

Leather pants!

Leather pencil skirt!

Leather dress

Leather motorcycle jacket! 

Leather A-Line skirt! 

And let's not forget Yeezy! He is the mastermind behind this leather craze!   His style is very subtle but the leather makes him stand out like no other!! (That kinda rhymes huh?!) He styles it the best and makes leather look so cool! Check out some of his leather game!

Leather pants with black blazer!

Black, red and white leather pants with white tee!!

Leather pants with simple white tee! 

Leather pants with leather kilt! 

See what I mean?! They are the leather pros!! But their leather clothing items are  really the stars of the show: leather jacket, skirt, pants, boots, dress and  handbag! These are the must have leather items for this season and they showed us different ways to wear the items!!! Will you get with the leather trend??