Thursday, November 29, 2012

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick Review!

 I am really excited about this post because this lipstick is truly the bomb!  MAC Grey Friday Lipstick came out for Black Friday! At first I was a bit reluctant to purchase this.  Only because it is grey and let's face it, who wears grey lipstick on a daily basis? Not me.  So my first thought was, don't waste your money because you're never going to wear it. But the Makeup Artist in me said, this lipstick will come in handy one day so get it before it sells out (which it eventually did)! And that's what I did and it was a great purchase!

The color is a dark grey with flecks of sparkle in it.  The consistency is sort of a light creamy texture.  If the lipstick did not have the flecks of sparkle it may not appeal to me because the sparkle sort of makes it look a little lighter on the lips. The only time I would probably wear this lipstick is if my face was bare, as shown in the picture.  All I have on it foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara.  Since this lipstick is already dark,, I wouldn't wear eyeshadow because to me that's too much going on.  Unless you're looking for a goth sort of look, then this lipstick with dark smokey eyeshadow would do the trick. Other than that, I am very plesed with my purchase of MAC Grey Friday! Not to mention I got overnight shipping for free! Can't beat that! So I give MAC Grey Friday 2 thumbs up! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rihanna Launching 3rd Fragrance "Nude"!!

The absolutely talented and beautiful Rihanna is doing the doggone thang!! She is currently on her "777 Tour" which will be shown live on Jay-Z's Life + Times Youtube Channel on Monday at 9pm GMT on YouTube! 

Click here to watch the live streaming show on Monday!

She has a new album titled 'Unapologetic' that will be released on November 19th!

Click here to preview and pre-order her new album !! 

And she is releasing her new fragrance titled 'Nude' next Friday! 

According to
ude by Rihanna is sensual and provocative. It is an uninhibited scent that captures a stripped down essence. The fragrance allows her fans, to experience something very personal, a true embodiment of the singer.

It will be sold at Macy's Department Stores beginning on November 23rd and then available at additional retailers beginning February 2013. Just in time to get it for yourself or as a gift for the holiday! I loved her first 2 fragrances so I know this one will be just a beautiful as the first two! So excited for this fragrance!

She has a lot of amazing things going on and I couldn't be more happier for her! Support Rihanna, her concerts albums and especially what I am the most excited about, her new Nude Fragrance!! 

My Youtube Review on NARS Andy Warhol Self portrait 1 and 2 Eyeshadow Palettes!

Love these 2 palettes!!  They're limited edition so make sure you get yours here! 

Lime Crime Cosmetic Glitter Inspired by Zodiac Signs!!

Lime Crime is one brand that definitely keeps the fun going in makeup! Their colors are always so vibrant, fun and out of the box! This brand was made just me me! (kidding!) We all follow our zodiac signs and what girl doesn't love glitter!! So they are launching a Cosmetic Grade Glitter Collection inspired by Zodiac Signs! So this is a win win combination! SCORPIO BABY!!! (Sorry had to shout out my sign real quick, lol!)  Check it out!

Ophiuchus (13th sign)
How pretty are these glitters! They definitely mimic the constellations in the sky and how pretty it is! So excited about this! They're all $12.99 each! Or you can get the complete collection for $129.99! So be sure to shop the collection when it is release on November 23rd, Black Friday! 

As an added bonus to this awesome Glitter Zodiac Cosmetic Grade Glitter Collection, Lime Crime is having a...

Friday November 23rd: 30% off entire site
November 24th-November 26th: 20% off entire site
*Restrictions apply*

They will be releasing the code word to apply the discount on their Facebook page on Thursday November 22nd.  So click here to follow their fan page and get that code and shop away! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

MAC Grey Friday for Black Friday!!

Everyone is anticipating the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday! Well I know I am! And MAC Cosmetics decided to help us makeup and beauty-aholics with some gear to go along with this day! Grey Friday Lipstick and Nail Lacquer! 

It will be available on Black Friday, November 23rd at MAC stores and counters!! It's limited edition so make sure while you're out making it rain at every store, you stop by MAC and  get yours!! 

MAC Taste Temptation Collection for Winter 2012

MAC Cosmetics wants you to take a walk on the sexy side with their upcoming collection, Taste Temptation! This collection will be available for purchase November 23rd, Black Friday, EXCLUSIVELY at MAC Cosmetics MACYs counters from 12 midnight - 4am! You can shop this collection online beginning December 6th.  Then it will be available in stores December 13th - January 17th!  Check out this sexy collection and be sure to indulge when it comes out!(temptalia)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check Out My Tutorial on YouTube Using My NARS Andy Warhol Debbie Harry Eye and Cheek Palette!

Yay!  I'm finally back on YouTube! Filming makeup tutorials is no easy task but I do love doing them and helping you all with makeup application! 

My latest tutorial is using my Limited Edition NARS Debbie Harry Eye and Cheek Palette! I created a complete look using only this palette, with the exception of 1 color (Texture from MAC). This was the end result! 

This palette is perfect to create a really sexy look for going out, dinner date, anything! Check out my tutorial below. Please like the video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! Thanks everyone!!