Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Beyonce Superbowl Recap Plus My Recreation of Her Superbowl Ad Makeup Looks!

The Superbowl was crazayyy!!! The game was so close!  Although I'm so not into football  I did watch it because I knew Queen Bey was going to shut it down and she definitely did just that! Check out my photos of Beyonce as she did her thing at the Superbowl! 
Her gorgeous lace outfit was designed by the amazing Rubin Singer!! 

I loved seeing Destiny's Child all together on stage! They looked and sounded great!  
Yesssss Beyonce gave us a show and she was awesome as usual!! 

So since I am a Makeup Artist, I am always inspired by different makeup looks and of course I had to recreate the way Beyonce had her makeup for the Superbowl ads! *Disclaimer: In no way do I think I look like Beyonce. I just admired her makeup for the ads and it is fun to recreate looks!*   So check out my work! 

Although many people loved my recreation of this look, unfortunately the Beyonce Stans criticized me on Instagram for just being inspired by this look and recreating it. Maybe they didn't notice the artistry of the look and the fact that I too admire Beyonce and that's why I wanted to recreate it. But oh well! It was fun doing this look! And Beyonce's stylist, Tytryone, thought this picture was worthy enough to make it on his page as well! So I was most definitely happy about that! 

So there you have it! My Superbowl Sunday recap of Queen Bey and my recreation of her Superbowl makeup ads! Makeup is art and I am always inspired! No matter what people say, always stay encouraged and do what you love!! 

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