Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Reflections and Photos from Beyonce's Documentary 'Life is But A Dream'! Amazing, Truly Amazing!

Tonight we all witnessed the amazing and humble Beyonce Knowles share her most intimate moments of her life on Oprah's Next Chapter and her documentary 'Life is But a Dream'! As I watched both, I could totally see her humility and how honest she is. We all know Beyonce to be very private about her life and for her to let us (Beyhive) in was truly amazing!! I felt so connected to her because she was so warm and welcoming. We got to witness how she loves her husband Jay-Z, her gorgeous baby girl Blue Ivy, her family her friends, her playful manner, her fears, her worries, her passion for music and performing and simply who Beyonce really is.  I was touched by her documentary as she held her baby girl in her arms as she was surrounded by family. I was able to appreciate Beyonce that much more for allowing us in her life.  As I watched in awe, I was inspired and encouraged by the fact that she is so strong despite the tremendous amount of pressure on her as an artist.  I watched and snapped pictures so I can always remember this documentary and who runs the world, GIRLS! Beyonce, thank you thank you thank you for sharing your life with us! I always knew you were genuine but now I have an even stronger love and respect for you not only as an artist but as a strong black woman! God bless you and your family! Keep making timeless music and just being you!
"It's just this puzzle and everything is in its right place and as we grow we take the next step, the dots get connected and we eventually become what we're supposed to be."~Beyonce (Life is But A Dream)

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