Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kelly Rowland is Flawless With No Makeup for People's "Most Beautiful" List!

Ahhh how I love Kelly Rowland! Being a celebrity and always in the public's eye, you always want to make sure you are on point, which includes having your face beat! But the humble and flawless Kelly Rowland proved to the world that not only is she beautiful on TV, the Red Carpet and everywhere else we see her, but with no makeup on, she is still stunningly beautiful!! She is on People's Most Beautiful List, and rightfully so! 

She is a perfect example of being comfortable in the skin you're in! Clearly, makeup only enhances her natural beauty because she is still stunning without makeup. Most of the time, we only see celebs without makeup when they're caught by paparazzi on accident. But Kelly willingly wanted to show us, on purpose, she is naturally beautiful! So happy to see her on this list! She's beautiful! Gotta love Kelly Rowland!! 

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  1. So pretty. Demi Lovato made the list too, she went make up free too. So many beautiful girls! I think its a really good and important message their sending to women.

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