Monday, March 25, 2013

My Latest Lip Art!

Makeup Artistry is what I do and love! But I love pushing the limits and applying my artistry on my lips! Check out my latest lip art!! 

Half Red Lip Half Leopard Lip

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Lips

Lip Art Inspired by Jawbreakers

Hey Arnold Lip Art! Lol!

Cotton Candy Lip Art!

Makeup is art! Makeup is fun! Makeup can be anything you want it to be! And I love everything about it!!

Online Makeup School with Lijha Stewart from Makeup Forever Teaching "From Subtle to Sultry: Eye Makeup Essentials"!!

Make Up For Ever is such an amazing cosmetic company! They continue to raise the bar in this highly competitive world of Make Up Artistry! They are launching an online Make Up school with which will be taught by their PRO and Media Educator Lijha Stewart!  And the best part about it is that it is absolutely FREE!  

The online class will be on Tuesday April 9, 2012 called "From Subtle to Sultry: Eye Make Up Essentials". These are looks that all Professional Make Up Artists and aspiring Make Up Artists want to master and Lijha is the perfect person to teach this class. And if you ever wanted to learn how to create an amazing everyday look and also turn that same look into a sexy sultry nighttime look then this class is for you! 

Here are all the tools that are suggested to be used for this class: 

Eye Prime, Eye Shadows (Aqua Shadow #30E, Aqua Cream #2), Eye Shadow (#17/ #4#/ #164), Star Powder (#946), Eyeliner (Aqua Eyes, Kohl Pencil, Aqua Liner), Mascara (Smoky Lash), Brushes (#2S, #15S, #16S, #17S)

You can visit and Sephora store to purchase these items or click here to purchase them online! 

Once the class is over and you recreate the looks, you can post them to the "Projects" section of the class and their favorite look will be posted on their Facebook Fan Page and their Twitter Page! How exciting!!

Click here to sign up for the class!!

I really love how they are a company that loves to share their tips and tricks with everyone!! Perfecting my skill as a Make Up Artist is what I do everyday and with the help of Make Up Forever we all can be flawless MUAs! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rihanna's RiRiWoo Lipstick from her Rihanna Heart MAC Collection!

Eeeeeekkkk!!! Oh how I love Rihanna! She always keeps her fans updated on what's going on with her! And today she posted a photo of the first product set to be released from her upcoming RiRi Heart MAC Collection! Her signature red lipstick called RiRiWoo which was inspired by one of MAC's most popular lipsticks Ruby Woo!! My predictions for RiRiWoo are, it will be very similar to Ruby Woo but kicked up a notch or two.  It looks like it might be a semi-matte texture. But we will see because I will get it for sure! O-M-GEEEEEEEEE!!! I am in love already! 

Photo courtesy of  @badgalriri via Instagram

As you can see, this gorgeous rich red RiRiWoo lipstick has Rihanna's signature engraved on it, which will probably make some of us a little hesitant to wear it although we want to lol! 

To check out more details of the highly anticipated RiRi Heart MAC Collection, click here! I will keep you all posted as I get more deets! Can't wait!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine at The Makeup Show LA!

I attended The Makeup Show in LA on March 2nd and 3rd and boy was it an amazing experience. I have been going for the past 3 years but this one was special because I got the chance to interview the amazing Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine! 

He is one of the most talented  and sought after Makeup Artists of our time! His resume includes some of the most successful, actresses, actors, models, TV personalties, his work has been featured in many magazines, you name it he has probably done it!  He recently launched his spectacular makeup line, Sam Fine For Fashion Fair, The Supreme Color Collection! He is so down to earth and was so open to my questions! I am still in shock that I was given the opportunity to talk to a Celebrity MAkeup Artist of his status!  But he made me feel at ease and gave me so much inspiration!  He is truly a Makeup Artist that you can learn countless amounts of information from and I love how he wants to share all of his tips and trick with us all so we too can be successful MUA's!  Check out my interview with the great Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine below!

Please be sure to check out his entire makeup collection here! You will love everything!! 

Sending love and blessings to Sam Fine! Thank You!!